Data Science Lead

Develop software used to control and monitor unmanned surface vehicles

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  • Product development in the maritime autonomy environment
  • Master’s Degree is essential
  • Write algorithms to make autonomous boats intelligent


Autonomous systems are key technologies of the future; in boats, these are vessels that do not need human involvement to operate, instead sensing their environment to get to their destination.   In this role, a Data Science Lead will develop new technology and ideas to make boats more and more intelligent; this involves writing algorithms for them to be able to operate without human influence.   

This role often involves working as a team to solve problems and mentoring more junior members of the team.  It can also involve office-based work or spending time on the water to test real world scenarios.  It can also include overseas travel.

For this role it is essential to have good GCSE passes, A-levels, and an Undergraduate degree and/or a Master’s degree in Mathematics or in a Science field.  A PhD is also useful, but not necessary.  This role involves continual research and study; it is essential to stay up to date on technological and new developments as they are discovered to be able to keep up in the sector.


University of Bath: Msc Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems, Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems MSc (

University of Bristol: PhD Robotics and Autonomous Systems: PhD Robotics and Autonomous Systems | Study at Bristol | University of Bristol

University of Liverpool: Robotics and autonomous systems: Robotics and Autonomous Systems – Department Of Computer Science – University of Liverpool

University of Plymouth: MSc Autonomous Systems MSc Autonomous Systems – University of Plymouth

University of Southampton: PhD Postgraduate – PhD | Autonomous Systems | University of Southampton


About L3Harris Portchester – L3Harris is redefining the way the world works at sea with industry leading autonomous boat technology. The company specialises in the design, manufacturing and operation of autonomous boats and control systems.

As the maritime industry’s autonomy partner of choice, L3Harris is powering the Royal Navy’s adoption of autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) technology as well as delivering autonomous capability to UK ports and harbours and offshore energy service providers. L3Harris has delivered more than 100 ASV systems.  United Kingdom | L3Harris™ Fast. Forward.

Data Science Lead

Autonomous systems are key technologies of the future; in boats, these are vessels that do not need human involvement to...

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