Second Officer / Deckhand

Travel and work across the world on super yachts

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Average Income


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  • Officer of the Watch (OOW) licence required
  • Active and physical job, mostly outside, away from home
  • Amazing opportunity for adventure and travel

An OOW Licence can be obtained either from working your way up from Deckhand to OOW on a yacht, or by following an accredited University degree in Navigation. When following the university route, an aspiring Officer can be sponsored by a shipping company who not only help fund the degree, but also provide placements on their ships for the Cadet to achieve the necessary sea time.

The OOW is primarily responsible for navigation and safety, including watchkeeping, passage planning, crew training and drills. They also take an active role in all shipboard operations including anchoring, mooring, maintenance and cleaning to make sure the yacht looks spotless at all times. 

The yachts travel to beautiful places all over the world. The scenery is always changing and the crew are able to explore and enjoy the amazing places they sail to when time allows. The crew are like a family as we live and work together onboard the yacht for months at a time. 

Possible pathways into this role

UKSA, IOW: Superyacht Cadetship

Superyacht Cadetship Programme – Unique to UKSA

UKSA, IOW: Edmiston Superyacht Crew Training

Superyacht Crew Training – all-inclusive with UKSA

University of Plymouth: BSc(Hons) Navigation & Maritime Science

Information about the employer

An OOW job may have a work/ holiday rotation, eg 3 months onboard 6 weeks on holiday, or it may be permanent with a certain number of days off per year. This will depend on the owner and management company preferences.

The super yacht may be used privately by the owners or chartered and rented out, travelling worldwide to places off the beaten track or simply staying in the guest’s favourite places. The guests may stay onboard for only a few days, to weeks at a time. 

Second Officer / Deckhand

An OOW Licence can be obtained either from working your way up from Deckhand to OOW on a yacht, or...

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