Visitor Experience Manager

Managing the team of Front of House staff and volunteers to provide an excellent visitor experience for customers coming to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

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  • Provide visitors with a memorable visit
  • Achieve targets set by the organisation to support restoration works
  • Ensure safety and security of the attractions


The role of the Visitor Experience Manager is to motivate and engage with the Team Members and Volunteers to provide every visitor with an extraordinary and enriching experience every time they visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Using people management skills to lead a large team of staff across a wide side, as well as effective communication to provide training, information to those working on what can be a very busy site during peak periods.

A key part of the role is to manage the Visitor Experience team to ensure the security of the site and all its components, with special attention to buildings and collections, and that the safety of all visitors and staff is maintained. The Visitor Experience Manager is responsible for managing any incidents within the NMRN sites, including evacuations and first aid.

Being commercially aware, helping to support the sales in retail outlets, as well as promotion of events, private hire functions, fundraising and learning activities the organisation provides for clients and visitors.

Possible pathways into this role

An apprenticeship in Travel & Tourism, enables you to earn a wage whilst gaining relevant a qualification. The Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH) offers management programmes in travel & tourism:

  • Foundation Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality (Level 3)
  • Diploma In Tourism Management (Level 4)
  • Advanced Diploma in Tourism Management (Level 5)

A degree option is also available. Many universities offer a BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management, and also MSc Tourism options.

Information about the employer

In 1911, The Dockyard Museum opened in Portsmouth, growing and evolving into the Royal Naval Museum, which then became a part of the newly formed National Museum of the Royal Navy in September 2009.
The Museum changed its name to The National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth, as the overall organisation to encompass The Royal Marines Museum collection, The Royal Navy Submarine Museum, the Fleet Air Arm Museum and Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower.

Our museums include the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth with Lord Admiral Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar HMS Victory and First World War Gallipoli campaign survivor HMS M.33, and HMS Warrior the first iron-hulled warship built for the Royal Navy. In Gosport the Royal Navy Submarine Museum and Explosion, the Museum of Naval Firepower.

The NMRN has a site in Hartlepool which has the oldest British warship still afloat HMS Trincomalee and one in Belfast, Northern Ireland with HMS Caroline a WW1 light cruiser which is the only surviving ship from the Battle of Jutland.

The NMRN has a simple Vision, ‘to be the world’s most inspiring Naval Museum”, and; Our Goal is, to promote the traditions and public understanding of the Royal Navy and its constituent branches, past, present and future’.

Visitor Experience Manager

The role of the Visitor Experience Manager is to motivate and engage with the Team Members and Volunteers to provide...

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